Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grandchildren are are such a wonderful
blessing !! Delighted to see them and
relieved when they go home.


  1. Hi are you doing?
    I haven't seen you in a while in Scrapbookflair? Are you okay? Plus I haven't visited that much either. Bad me! I will soon...ok. So, what's new with you?

    This page is awesome and so is the journaling. You must love your grandchildren to death-to say that 1 hour with the kids makes you feel younger. I don't know about that. Hehehe I don't have gnadkids just yet, but I think they would make me feel older...LOL I certainly feel older just with my daughter so imagine gandkids - yikes! Take care and have a good one. *Hugs (teasing ya)

  2. Hi Xena !~ I'm delighted to see you visiting our humble little blog. You are always so upbeat and make me smile from ear to ear ! A big hug to you my good buddy !~